Internationally renowned for being a synonym for joy, glee, and celebration, the word itself sounds like a dream... "champagne"! This dream encapsulates a conflicting reality: champagnes can vary considerably, and it is not always easy to completely understand them. The primary objective of our Champagne Tasting Workshops ("Ateliers du Goût des champagnes in French") is to provide novices with the tools to enter into the diverse world of champagnes for themselves. These workshops offer a unique sensory experience for inquisitive amateurs and wine experts to meet in a friendly environment.


Champagne remains unequalled in terms of its aesthetics, aroma, taste and cultural wealth. Its classification as wine does not take away its use as a festive drink. The workshops consist of very special tasting sessions, ranging from the "First Approach", to the "Haute Couture" tasting, via the "Private Lesson", the "Local Secrets" and "Champagnes at the table". The latter celebrates the marriage between champagne and French gourmet cuisine. Congratulations! You have just been invited to an unforgettable educational champagne tasting. The Champagne Tasting Workshops were created and are carried out and facilitated by Anne-Marie Chabbert, oenologist and journalist.

Accessible to everyone

Champagnes at the table

Celebration of the wedding of Champagnes with French Haute Gastronomie.

Accessible to everyone

Private Lesson

Exclusive and private session.

How 1 + 1 = 3 according to the champenois. Sitting in the presence of the winemaker or the cellar master.

The genius of assemblage

Perfect for beginners

When Pinot “chardonne”, Chardonnay “pinotte”…

And the Meunier, what does he do? He is not sleeping!

Black and White

Suitable for beginners as well as semi-experienced

Local Secrets

Learn about the different terroirs of Champagne.

Perfect for a semi-confirmed to confirmed audience

Champagne session made according to your measurements.

Haute couture

Suitable for a confirmed profile