Champagnes at the table

A unique experience in which you will be joining the table of a top Chef to taste different Champagnes and seek a perfect harmony
of flavours. Three experts will be facilitating the session: Chef, Sommelier and Oenologist. Available as a lunch or dinner option,
depending on demand.

This workshop includes:

- The restaurant reservation, prior work to choose the Champagnes and food for the tasting – in partnership with the Chef and the Sommelier – and preparation of the menu.

- Lunch/dinner preparation: the Champagnes served are produced by local winemakers and Houses and are selected by the Oenologist, the Sommelier, the Cellar Master and the Chef.

- A tasting notebook.

Useful information:

Approximate duration: 3-4 hours

6-10 people

Lunch or dinner (depending on demand)