Local Secrets

The wine-producing region of Champagne possesses many different types of soils and subsoils, which have shaped the landscape
over several geological ages. Accompanied by a geologist and an oenologist, you will be able to taste the ‘flavours of the land’:
Discover the regions that make up the Champagne, and their traditional cultural specificities in a new and original way!

This workshop includes:

- A conference delivere by a geologist on the geology of local landscapes and vineyard pedology.

- A tasting of 3 Champagnes carefully selected by our oenologist.

- A tasting notebook.

- An exclusive 5% discount on all your purchases made either at the wine shop 520 or at the local Champagne producer/House where the tasting took place. Can only be redeemed once.

Useful information : 

Approximate duration: 3 hours
6-12 people